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Stock Photography Business | how to sell your photos
Stock Photography Business-how to sell your photos

4 Things That Models Should Know About Stock Photography

Whether you’re young or old, tan or pale, blonde or brunette, being a stock photography model is still an option. However, there are some key things to go over before you get into the business, and also some important details to remember and know about when you do meet the photographer. These are all ways to protect yourself and your rights from harm, and necessary if you want to do this right.read more information on Stock Photography business by visiting http://www.artzphotographic.net/how-to-promote-your-stock-photography-business/ Read More →

How to Make Money With This Stock Photography Business Plan

Making a lot of money through stock photography may seem unfathomable, but it’s actually quite a lucrative business once you get used to it. This all involves taking some of the right steps in order to expand your work online and you’ll need to do more than just take a bunch of photos—though this is part of it. By working through the process efficiently, you’ll be able to spread the word about yourself and promote business all at the same time, helping you to make even more money by being able to sell your photography online. Read More →

How to Promote Your Stock Photography Business

Getting into the stock photography business can be a rough start, but the only way to remedy the situation is by putting yourself out there until everyone knows who you are! In order to become more successful in the area, you have to do even more than just submit amazing photos—you also need to learn how to advertise yourself http://www.artzphotographic.net/how-to-make-money-with-this-stock-photography-business-plan/. Read More →

How To Level-Up Your Photography Career

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crop380w_student_photographer_black_and_whiteThe birth of the digital cameras has opened many opportunities to enthusiasts who want to make the cut in the world of photography. Unfortunately, not all camera owners share the same passion as the others. Some may love to take the photos for fun while others have a much define goals and objectives to conquer the world of photography and become a professional photographer one day.

How to advance your photography career depends on your goals, business plan and your commitment to the profession.

Goal Setting

When you want to be at the professional level, the first thing, you need to have is a solid goal. This includes photography education or continuing education for those who have acquired formal training already or experience. A very starting ground when you want to move up into the professional level independently is to get a photography job in the local newspaper or any medium that requires extensive exposure to photography. The job is a win-win for you because it improves your skills in photography at the same time you are being paid for it.


When you are ready to work independently or pursue independent photography jobs, you need to have a solid portfolio, preferably hosted on an website like Smugmug. These are your handpicked photos to be posted in your website to showcase your skill. The photos in your portfolio should be reflective on your photography forte. For instance, if you are offering wedding photo shoots, black and white, or fine arts, your portfolio should include a handful of photos in this niche.


The core of professional photography is not on the quantity of the photo assignments but in making connection. Networking is the bread and butter of the craft. What this means is that you need to connect to the right crowd where potential clients frequents or known photographers hang-out. Expect to have fewer photo assignments now that you are working independently as a professional photographer and spend more time on the networking.

Professionalism Count

The true mark of a professional photographer is his or her work ethics. Successful photographers remain on top of their craft, but their feet remain grounded. Professional conduct includes fellow photographers who are still starting to embrace the profession.

Consider Selling Photos

Stock photography keeps you afloat during the lean times. Most professional photographers are also into selling photos in known sites that is not only good for the revenues, but also to for marketing scanning. When you start selling your photos, your cash flow is sustained. In this platform, you can get an idea how the photography has evolved, and this opportunity allows you to fine-tune your craft to be more marketable. Upgrading your level in photography requires improved skills and gears as well, therefore, it needs financial investment. During the early days of your photography career, it is safe to keep some amount for your gears. Full-fame or medium format cameras are expensive not to mention all the accessories attached to it. Other photographers sell their old gear to come up with the needed funds to buy the professional gear.

Top 5 Best Stock Photography Sites Review to Sell Your Photos

If you’re looking for the right agency to sell your stock photography images, then you’re sure to already know that there are way too many companies to choose from. With the large variety you may have trouble finding the right site for you, but we’ve chosen five of the best sites for selling stock photos and a quick review of each. Do some more exploring to find what suits your needs! Read More →

Choosing Between Sacramento Wedding Photographers

One task a couple should consider when beginning to organize their wedding is finding a wedding photographer to record their wedding day.  Read more information on estimated cost on hiring a wedding photographer. There are usually a number of photographers available in any specified location and you will want to find one that will give you wonderful wedding pictures. There are some techniques that you can start to focus your search. Some of which may include:

Start with developing a list of wedding photographers in your town. Do your friends, family or acquaintances know any photographers they may suggest or not recommend? Talking to people who have employed the photographer can give you a great comprehension of the way they perform prior to, through as well as after the celebration.

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