Stock Photography Business-how to sell your photos

4 Things That Models Should Know About Stock Photography

4 Things That Models Should Know About Stock Photography

Whether you’re young or old, tan or pale, blonde or brunette, being a stock photography model is still an option. However, there are some key things to go over before you get into the business, and also some important details to remember and know about when you do meet the photographer. These are all ways to protect yourself and your rights from harm, and necessary if you want to do this more information on Stock Photography business by visiting

1. What Is Stock Photography?

We can first start off with what you’re getting yourself into. Stock photography consists of images that are often used in marketing and advertising, such as photos you might see in a blog post or fitness ad. They can be purchased from a variety of sites and agencies, usually submitted by individual photographers.

Stock photography isn’t usually a “for-hire” business for photographers; instead, they take pictures and then hope for the images to sell. As a model, you would be working with the theme that the photographer has in mind, like perhaps a beach theme or even just a slice-of-life setting as you perform everyday actions.

2. How Much Do Models Earn?

The amount of money you can earn varies a lot depending on your experience, the setting, materials or props, and the difficulty of the shoot. Keeping in mind that photographers might not be making that much money yet, you may be making from $10 to $30 an hour. If you’re doing really well and providing professional work with little needed direction, you could be making over $100 an hour.

However, there are also other ways in which you could be paid. Photographers often offer CDs of the shoot as part of payment, which you could then add to your portfolio to generate more jobs.

4 Things That Models Should Know About Stock Photography

Some also offer compensation in forms of the following:

  • Gift cards to coffee shops, book stores, or more
  • Future shoots for free if you need to add something to your gallery
  • Free clothing, perhaps something you wore during the shoot
  • Food or beverages for the day

These are all forms of payment, and all you’d need to do is talk to the photographer.

3. How Are The Images Used?

As mentioned earlier, stock photography images aren’t requested but rather submitted. The people or companies that buy the images could be using them for anything. Your face could be on a billboard or in the middle of a local newspaper 1000 miles away from you, and you wouldn’t ever know. You could even be in a magazine published by a foreign company.

4. What Should You Ask The Photographer?

Before working with anyone on a shoot, you should always ask several pertinent questions, ensuring your safety.

  • “What will I be compensated?” As mentioned earlier, payment can come in many forms, so ask beforehand so you won’t be surprised later!
  • “Do you have model release forms?” Always ask for these and make sure to sign them. These are important for him and for you, as the photographer won’t be able to submit your images unless he has one, and your payment could be delayed because he can’t use the photos.
  • “Do I need to bring anything?” Some shoots may have certain themes, so you might need to bring your own supplies or change of clothing.

With all this information, you’ll be good to go with becoming a stock photography model!


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