Stock Photography Business-how to sell your photos

How to Make Money With This Stock Photography Business Plan

How to Make Money With This Stock Photography Business Plan

Making a lot of money through stock photography may seem unfathomable, but it’s actually quite a lucrative business once you get used to it. This all involves taking some of the right steps in order to expand your work online and you’ll need to do more than just take a bunch of photos—though this is part of it. By working through the process efficiently, you’ll be able to spread the word about yourself and promote business all at the same time, helping you to make even more money by being able to sell your photography online.

Reach out to Multiple Stock Photography Agencies

Submitting your photos to agencies is really the only way to start your business. There are a huge variety of agencies that you can work with, and some of the big ones are listed right here:

Look through each company’s policies and see if they match what you’re looking for. From there, start up a profile for yourself and upload some of your best stock photography images to see how it goes. You’re looking for quality over quantity, as you want each picture to be unique. Submitting too many of the same type of photographs will make them all seem more more information on Top 5 Best Stock Photography Sites Review

How to Make Money With This Stock Photography Business Plan

Label with Keywords

In order to get your images known in the buying world, you have to know how to label your images. Buyers will search for photos based on keywords, and you want to be specific. Putting “fruit” as a keyword will only make it more difficult to find your photo, as the image will be stuck with a million other photos that are also labeled with “fruit”. Instead, use keywords like “nectarines” or “watermelon” to help customers discover your photos.


No business is ever successful without some advertising. You don’t need to spend money either—there are plenty of ways to reach out about your business without having to pay out of your own wallet. Here are some suggestions to help you get started.

  • Make your own website, including some information about yourself and a sample gallery of your stock photography images
  • Use social media, including Facebook and Twitter, to keep others updated on how you’re doing or what photos you’ll be putting up soon
  • Talk about it with friends and family, and you might find someone in need of stock photos for their blog

If you can get even one satisfied customer, they’ll be able to recommend you to your friends, and voila! You now have even more customers. If people know about you and like your photos, you’ll be creating even more business for yourself and making more money while you’re at it.

Stick with It

Don’t get discouraged, and keep trying! It may take years before the big earnings come in, but the more images you submit, the higher the chance of making money. Additionally, customers will be happy to see that you have years of experience in the field, and are thus a reliable and honest supplier.

If you keep working hard in the stock photography business and can prove your skills, soon agencies will be seeking you out for photos, and you’ll be making more money than ever.

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