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How to Promote Your Stock Photography Business | Stock Photography Business
Stock Photography Business-how to sell your photos

How to Promote Your Stock Photography Business

How to Promote Your Stock Photography Business

Getting into the stock photography business can be a rough start, but the only way to remedy the situation is by putting yourself out there until everyone knows who you are! In order to become more successful in the area, you have to do even more than just submit amazing photos—you also need to learn how to advertise yourself http://www.artzphotographic.net/how-to-make-money-with-this-stock-photography-business-plan/.

Use Keywords

Always use correct, accurate, and specific keywords when tagging your photos. No one will know about you if they can’t find your stock photography images! Use labels that are relevant to the picture and distinct enough that buyers will see your photos while looking. Don’t just use “nature”; try “waterfall” or “desert safari” so people can find what they’re looking for. You have to be more specific, for example using “aerial views of San Francisco” to describe a particular gallery.

Develop your Stock Photography Profile

This is an important part of the process especially as with many agencies, buyers will be able to save your name if they like your work. Building up your profile on an agency’s site may take some time, but it’ll be worth putting up a few sentences about yourself and your passions. Buyers are more likely to remember you and save your work if they know a little about you or have some interesting information to go on. You’ll also be viewed as more reliable due to your willingness to talk about yourself.

How to Promote Your Stock Photography Business

Create a Website

Next, you can develop a profile outside of the agency website too. There are many free places like Wix.com to build a website, and remember to add in a lot of your sample work. There are other great website builders specifically for photographers too, as you can see in this review of Smugmug.

Spread the Word

Social media is always your friend! Put up some quick words wherever you can, always telling others that your pictures are available. There are so many different options, and here are some of the most popular and important sites:

Work your information into a profile or website on all these pages so people can gain easy access to information on what you do. Add on some sample photos that you’re proud of, just like in your stock photography profile, and you’ll be promoting your business just by talking about it!

Spread the word wherever you can and whenever you can. If you know someone looking for good stock photos to use, show them your gallery. Business starts small but grows exponentially: if you have satisfied customers, they’ll be sharing your profile with others, and the process continues until business is truly booming.

Contacting Others

Don’t be afraid to talk to others either. If you see a travel blog or fitness blog in need of some new pictures, leave a link to your profile. However, don’t go posting everywhere about yourself, and never spam. No one likes the annoying little comments with no explanation, so present yourself clearly and give them the opportunity of choosing you. Just like at CreativeLive’s photography channel, there are great communities out there for photographers looking to expand their reach.

By promoting yourself properly and giving everyone the chance to showcase your photography skills, your business will be flowing in no time! If you keep working hard and doing your best, soon all the big buyers will know your name in the stock photography business

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