Stock Photography Business-how to sell your photos

Top 5 Best Stock Photography Sites Review to Sell Your Photos

Top 5 Best Stock Photography Sites Review to Sell Your Photos

If you’re looking for the right agency to sell your stock photography images, then you’re sure to already know that there are way too many companies to choose from. With the large variety you may have trouble finding the right site for you, but we’ve chosen five of the best sites for selling stock photos and a quick review of each. Do some more exploring to find what suits your needs!


Alamy is an excellent place for starters in the stock photography business. It reaches out to many customers and boasts a huge selection of photos, which can be both good and bad for you.
As a seller, Alamy is a great agency because you have an easier time submitting photos and can also retain your rights to the image. Additionally, Alamy allows you to upload these same photos to other places, allowing for further revenue. However, due to their large base of photos, buyers may have difficulty finding your images, so it’s important to label all your photos with keywords!


Shutterstock is another highly ranked company that allows you to sell your photos, and you can also sell illustrations and videos alongside stock photography images. Shutterstock becomes an ideal option when you know you want to be selling images for a while, as the longer you stay with them the more opportunities you get.
At Shutterstock, the more images you sell the higher your earnings, and the higher your earnings the more each photo sells for. At this rate you could be making even $100 on a single photo download, but that make take years of building up.

Top 5 Best Stock Photography Sites Review to Sell Your Photos


Fotolia directly informs you of commission rates and earnings, so it’s an easy place to start with if you want to sell your photos. As well, Fotolia allows you to sell your photos in several different ways, depending on exclusivity.

If you like using Fotolia, they offer higher earnings when you choose to only upload your photos to them. This is a great opportunity for building up your sales without having to deal with any other sites, and you can instead focus more on your photography.

Getty Images

If you’re a more professional stock photographer who already has experience, Getty Images may be more suited for you. The entry process requires much more effort, including taking a quiz and showing off your best photos.
However, if you do get chosen and accepted to submit to their site, the earnings are also much greater. Getty Images has a variety of sites each geared towards a separate theme, and you would receive an assignment for a specific project based on the feel of your photography.

Corbis Images

Similar to Getty Images, Corbis Images only targets the best of the best stock photographers. They are much more professional and usually seek out photographers by themselves. Due to their rigorous selection process, contributing to Corbis Images entails high payout but is also a difficult position to attain.

It may take time to build up to being able to work with a more professional company like Corbis, but all stock photographers started somewhere. After getting more experience in the business, you’ll eventually be able to work with all these great sites if you’d like.

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